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Classes: IV - XII

Students are taught to be life-long learners through independent thinking, critical reading, writing and analytical skills. The activities are selected to enhance the interest of students in the subject besides relating the information with their daily life to develop better understanding.

The examination from Academic Year 2018-19 is being conducted as per the following assessments structure. Overall achievements of students in scholastic and co-scholastic areas are well documented and reflected in the progress report which would also be available.


Term Months
Unit Test -1 July - August 40 Marks 40 Marks
First Term Examination September 60 Marks 80 Marks
Unit Test -2 November - December 40 Marks 40 Marks
Second Term Examination March 60 Marks 80 Marks


Assessment and Weightage (for classes IV-VIII):
Term 1/Term 2 = Half yearly / Final Examination  60 Marks
  + Periodic Test  20 Marks
  + Notebook Submission Marks
  + Subject Enrichment Activity 15 Marks
Assessment and Weightage (for classes IX & X):
Final Result = Final Term Examination 80 marks
    + Weightage taken from Periodic Test-1/First Term/   
    Periodic Test-2 10 marks
  + ASL / Practical / Map/ Project Work 5 marks
    Notebook Submission 5 marks


Co-Scholastic Areas
  • In addition to the scholastic areas, Co-Scholastic areas will include Work Education/ Visual and Performing Arts / Health and Physical Education.
  • Discipline: The students will also be assessed for discipline which will be based on key areas like attendance, sincerity, behaviour, values, tidiness, respectfulness for rules and regulations, attitude towards society, nation and others. 
  • The students of Classes XI and XII will be assessed regularly through Unit Test-1, First Term examination, Unit Test -2, Pre-board exams (only for Class XII), Final examination (for Class XI) and Board examination (for Class XII).
  • The Final exams for Class XII will be conducted by CBSE whereas for Class XI it will be conducted by the school as per the guidelines issued by CBSE. 


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