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“The Earth is what we all have in common “- Wendell Berry
The world today is inarguably going through one of its worst quandaries, pointing to an imbalance in our natural systems. Truly, there is only one way forward—restoring what is lost to bring back a sense of equilibrium and foster a healthy and resilient planet for us and our future generations.Earth Day is one of many annual events which is celebrated globally to demonstrate the much-needed support for environmental protection. In the wake of demonstrating solidarity with the resolve to save our planet, the young environmentalists of our ingenious Eco-Club, 'Vasudha', recommit and strive to ‘Restore Our Earth’ because the Earth doesn’t need us; we need the planet.


    Heritage is legacy of the past and is what we live with today. 
    St Thomas’ School, Dwarka organized a virtual tour to the "seven wonders of the world" for the students of Classes V – VIII to commemorate the World Heritage Day, which is observed every year on April 18. The day aims at educating about the diversity of the world’s heritage sites and the efforts essential in protecting and conserving them. Students virtually experienced the allure of the seven wonders of the world, getting immersed into ornate ancient cities, steeped in history and impressive architecture. The virtual experience was educating and ntertaining as our students took up the spectacular odyssey. 
    Truly, the vision behind observing World Heritage Day is to exhibit solidarity in favour of strengthening and safeguarding global heritage.

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