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Vision & Mission


St. Thomas’, Dwarka is a world class school which believes its not the imagination which makes you achieve big goals but hard work, persistence and honesty which leads to the accomplishments of the big dreams we encourage our children to have. The school believes in the power of brainstorming creative solutions for the issues which the changing Indian education system puts before the Thomasites and its staff members and hence we believe change is the only constant . With this philosophy , we strive to bring innovation in the pedagogy and lay special emphasis on sports along with coscholastic activities because we intend to see our students as future global citizens and have firm belief this outlook is the foundation of the same. We prepare our students to feel connected with mother earth and as world citizens understand their responsibility towards it and contribute to the global challenges in the near future. We prepare our students to not just learn facts and figures but think ahead with what they have absorbed and use it to create fresh ideas with their imagination.
We also uplift them to discover their innate abilities and foster them to understand their true calling and chase it with courage and conviction.
We focus on understanding the psychology of each child and teach them the true meaning of a happy state of mind, which directly reflects on the intelligence and emotional quotient of every Thomasite.


The school strives to be amongst the venerated centres of world-class education to foster academic excellence, physical fitness and social consciousness. We are dedicated to facilitating students leapfrog into the 21st century as independent intellectuals, imbibing traits of initiative and leadership to enable them grow into global citizens.

  • To develop in the school, a caring community, exercising concern and respect for the welfare of others and emphasizing the over-riding importance of good human relations, based upon sensitivity, tolerance and good-will.
  • To encourage children to appreciate the virtues of collaboration, to foster habits of responsibility and self-discipline and to promote initiative, endeavour and the exercise of individual judgement.

  • To recognize and to encourage talent of all kinds, and of all degrees and to endeavour to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of individuals.
  • To enable students to acquire the tools and qualification necessary for earning their living and when appropriate for entry into skilled occupations and professions.
  • To recognize and accept differences in endowment and environment (physical, intellectual, spiritual and social) to hold every individual in esteem.


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