Rocksport Class I-III (27.02.19)
Special Assembly on Good Sportsmanship by Class I A (26.02.2019)
Robochamp (Class IV- IX) (22.02.19)
Class II C Special Assembly on Even Flaws can be helpful for others (21.02.19)
Rocksport (Class IV-VI) (16.02.19)
Prize Distribution - Inter House Sports Meet Class-IV and V (15.2.19)
Class II E Special Assembly on Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy (14.2.19)
Inter House Sports Meet Class- IV and V (13.2.19)
Class IB Special Assembly on " I am Special" (12.02.19)
Lit Fest (Class I-VIII) (04.02.19-05.02.19)
Class XII Farewell 2018-19 - 2.2.19
Candle Light Ceremony - 30.1.19
Inter House competition (Class IV-V) on Character Speak (24.01.19)
Girl Child Day celebration (Class VI-VIII) - 24.1.2019
Class I D Special Assembly on Helping Others - (5.02.19)
Capacity Building Programme organised by CBSE-COE- 28.1.19
Class IF Special Assembly on Safety on Road and at Home (29.1.19)
Pariksha pe Charcha (By Prime Minister) live telecast from Talkatora Stadium - 29.1.19
Show n Tell Competition on My Nation My Pride - Class (I-III) - (25.01.19)
Republic Day (SA) - 25.1.19
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